Who Are We? 

Chris Fetter, CEO: Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Chris is a business professional with many years of experience in the medical device industry, and is currently working towards his MBA at Washington University in St. Louis. He's also the World's Greatest Dad to three little ones and lives with his wonderfully supportive wife in St. Louis. 







Tim Fetter, CFO: Also born and bred in St. Louis (and Chris' brother), Tim is a recent MBA graduate from Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, he spent several years in healthcare consulting and founded a retail umbrella business. He loves monkeys and babies, but he promises that it's not in a creepy way. Tim and Sarah met during a course at WashU where they consulted for startups in Tel Aviv. They've been churning out business plans ever since.







Sarah Haselkorn, CTO: Originally from Washington, DC, Sarah studied Systems Engineering and Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis. During her junior year, she opened a fast-casual salad restaurant called Green Bean and hasn't been able to shake the entrepreneurial bug. She currently lives in Miami, where she has a "day job" with a Global 500 beverage company, and when she's not working remotely from the beach she is running, biking, or spinning to be ready for her next triathlon. 







Why Unfettered Socks?

Chris, a business professional and avid sports guy, thought of the idea in the middle of the night. He was tired of smelly, uncomfortable feet at work. He didn't understand why he and his peers were willing to invest in performance socks to wear hiking a few hours a week, but not on the socks they wore from 9 to 5. It just didn’t make sense! Unable to go back to sleep, he couldn’t wait to share his plan with his brother Tim and friend Sarah. They loved the idea and came on board to bring Unfettered Socks to life. In short, Unfettered Socks is just a couple of guys trying to make your feet feel better throughout the weekly grind! We've infused function into fashion to create performance socks for the business world.

How Did We Get Here?

In the Spring of 2014 we took the plunge and launched a Kickstarter project under our original brand (GoodFoot Socks) to fund our first production round. The community had a tremendous effect, and led us to a successful campaign.  

Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers for making this possible, especially our Hall of Famers