Where Socks Come From: A Complete History

January 29, 2017


Did you know that in the 18th century, socks crafted from matted up animal hair were worn by the Greeks? How fashion forward of them! During the 10th century, socks were considered a luxury item because of how difficult they were to make and were reserved for only the rich. Thank goodness those days are over!

Pop Quiz: what is the most popular material used for sock making? You guessed it - Nylon! But it took a while to gain momentum in the industry due to it not being invented until 1937. So what were socks made out of before the invention of Nylon? Funny you should ask...up until the 20th century, socks were only made from either cotton, silk, or wool.

Sock Hops were all the rage in the 1950s as a primary source of entertainment for teenagers to gather together and cut a rug in their super cool shoeless footgear. I only have one question - why isn’t this still a thing? 

William Lee was the inventor of the first machine able to weave socks in 1589. What was his motivation? His wife spent entirely too much weaving socks by hand and so his invention was a labor of love.

Fun fact on footwear etiquette: yeah, you read that right, there is an actual etiquette to sock wearing requiring that the color of your socks match the color of your pants or shoes (ideally both!) - however, here’s the catch - they need to be one shade darker than your pants and one shade lighter than your shoes! Impossible wardrobe feat? We think not.

What about those of us that wear thonged footwear but still want to rock a cool sock? Well, lucky for you there’s an invention called the Tabi, created in Japan for that very thing!

At Unfettered Socks, we aim to make all your sock dreams come true by incorporating our modern technology into this very historic garment. Try us out - feel the difference.  

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