The Truth About the Standing Desk

May 29, 2017


Recently, more and more workplace environments have focused their efforts on finding new ways to better care for their employees' physical and mental health while putting in those long hours at the office. From offering healthier snack options and onsite gyms to meditation, hot yoga, and upgrades in office equipment, there seems to be a movement to promote healthy lifestyles in the workplace.

There’s been a whole lot of hype around the newly sought after standing desk - and this got us thinking that maybe we should delve a little deeper and see just how much better it really is to stand vs. sit at work all day.  And so we did!

Here’s what we found out when looking into the truth about the standing desk:

While sitting in general isn’t necessarily bad for you, doing so in excess without a break in your workflow is shown to cause spinal disk compression which leads to degeneration and chronic pain. The wretched office chair can leave you hunched over and straining your neck, shoulders, and spine - while standing at a desk reportedly reduces overall back pain, prevents headaches, and improves your posture.

Studies have shown that standing more regularly will greatly improve your metabolism, and that doing so over the course of your work week can result in losing up to five pounds a week - just from standing!

Another major plus in the “pros” column for those considering a standing desk is productivity. A study conducted in 2014 from the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health showed that those in their focus group that had been given a sit-to-stand desk showed an increase in energy and well-being, (while decreasing their appetite and fatigue), thus making them more productive.

Just three or four hours a day at a standing desk will increase your heartbeat by 10 bpm, and with that increased heart rate comes more alertness and boosted energy levels, thus allowing for better concentration and up to 10% more productivity than if you were sitting.

If you’re someone that’s always looking for ways to improve your performance at work as well as your body’s performance, a standing desk just might be an option that you’d want to consider. The desks that allow for both sitting and standing seem to be the most functional, as you can’t be expected to stand throughout your entire day. Some even come with hydraulics that rise and lower with the push of a button to your optimal height setting.

All in all, from where we’re sitting, it seems like standing is the way to go! Let us know if you use a standing desk and what your experience using one has been like - we’d love to hear from you.

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