What Your Silly Socks Say About You

April 10, 2018


business man in fun socks

Business attire often means guys are stuck wearing a suit to the office every day, while women have a bit more leeway. Luckily, recent fashion trends have made room for some excitement in the world of men’s outfits. These days, you’ll see a variety of suit shapes, fun accessories like pocket squares and patterned cuffs, and plenty of flair displayed via belts and shoes.

Break the Mold!

The feet are definitely an area where men can enjoy fashion freedom. Wacky socks have been increasingly popular among millennial workers who want to show their personality, but recognize the importance of professionalism in the workplace.

At Unfettered Socks, we aim to bring the most comfortable foot coverings to men who want the perks of a performance sock with the streamlined functionality of a business sock. If you’re the type of person to take risks when it comes to your sock choice, it absolutely says something about your character as a whole.

You’re confident, but understated

You’re adventurous, but even-keeled

You’re rebellious, but cautious

You’re bold, but controlled

The thing about socks is, you have a chance to express yourself, without pissing off the boss. Only a select few colleagues and friends will ever even see the design peeking out from underneath your pant leg, but YOU’LL know. And that’s what really matters. 

What the Research Says

Making a slightly unconventional fashion choice can help set you up for creativity and confidence throughout the day. In fact, science backs this up. 

So branch out, take the plunge, and upgrade your sock game today. You can buy a pair at a time to ease in to the silly sock fashion, or you can seize the day and opt for the full sock drawer refresh. Don’t you want to be the kind of traditional, successful dude who goes a little crazy… with his feet?

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