How To Stylize Your Business Casual Attire

May 22, 2017


When it comes to traditional styles of men’s business attire, the looks of yesteryear have come a long way. Today more than ever the trends of the modern man has seeped into men’s business wear. From the old school and more corporate full-suit-and-tie look to the slim cut, fitted trousers with blazers, sweater vests, button downs, and skinny jeans have not only been introduced - but has since completely taken over.

What’s great about this transition in workwear is that it lends to the idea that we should have the freedom to express our uniqueness and our preferences, even in the workplace, which should be a reflection of personality and the individual himself. After all, who says you can’t look fly and be a professional at the same time?

Certainly not us. In fact, we’d love to share some tips on how to stylize your business casual attire in a way that allows you to do just that.

1. Make sure you have a good handle on fit: You’d think it would go without saying that the better your clothes fit, the better you’ll look; however, many men are still stuck in the stone-age times of baggier pants and billowy shirts, which are not flattering for anyone. This is especially an issue with men who are larger in stature and seem to think that the billowy shirts and baggy pants work best to hide their figure, when the reality is that it has the opposite effect. You will actually look more fit in clothing that is a more snug - and for those that are already fit, this approach will only accentuate their features.


Pro Tip: Make sure the waistband of your pants fit snug around your natural waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso. The bottom of your pants should reach down just below the ankle. Your shirt sleeve should come down long enough to cover your wrist bone when your hands are by your sides and you’re standing upright.

2. Color coordinating: Break out from the norm and mix things up with untraditional styles and patterns like stripes and plaids. Skip the standard white or blue dress shirt paired with your pressed khakis and play around with fun color schemes and springtime pallets like lavender shirts with black fitted trousers and sea-foam greens with grey slacks. Try a tweed blazer, a bow tie, or pants paired with a sweater vest that is color themed with the seasons, like burnt oranges and deep reds in autumn. Mix things up and revel in your newfound confidence of not just being great at your job, but looking good while doing it.

Pro Tip: Even if these color suggestions are a bit far-fetched for your taste, that’s more than ok -  just remember to use every opportunity to think outside the box and make purchasing choices that have your wardrobe match your personality. After all, nothing pumps up your day like a good looking outfit.

3. Blazer or no blazer: Depending on your workplace dress code, a blazer (or suit jacket) may be optional. If you’re going tie-less, a blazer is a great way to dress up your look without appearing too stuffy. Regardless, you should consider the same elements as stated above with how your shirt should fit when considering a flattering and complimentary blazer: it should definitely be fitted around your waistline when buttoned, and the sleeves should just reach your wrist bone.

Pro Tip: Make sure the color and fabric you choose coordinates with the trousers you select. Color schemes like navy blues, greys, and even the more untraditional mustard yellows and deep greens are great options, especially if you’re going with a solid colored shirt.

4. Fashionable socks that are also super functional: Choose socks that do all things listed above: match your outfit, fit your personality, etc., but make sure too that your socks are not just fashionable but that they are also functional. You want breathable, high quality socks that work just as hard as you do. We may be biased, but we think the best sock options, performance wise, are our socks

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Pro Tip: It’s just like we say, we make performance dress socks for the busy professional. And more so, why wouldn’t you want to keep from getting leather shoe blisters and ending your day with sweaty feet when you can do just that so easily with the best socks money can buy.


5. Shoes that Seal the Deal: This is an easy one. Skip the standard loafers and squeaky saddle shoes that constantly need shining and choose higher-end, “hip” shoes and accessories to help complete your look.  Start out with making sure you have at least two pair: a black and a brown option, which will surely coordinate with any outfit combo you come up with. The shoes are the icing on the cake, the finishing touch, and an important element in your wardrobe. It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person from the shoes they wear.

Pro Tip: It’s pretty easy peasy: go for things like a sharp looking leather belt and matching colored shoes that not only fit your style but also give your outfit a dress-to-impress finishing look.

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