2016: Year of the Socks

February 13, 2016


At this point in the year, the gym thins out, the at-home cooking slows to a halt, and the drinking picks up again. Resolutions begin to wane as resolutioners lose focus. Each year we tell ourselves that things will be different this time - that we'll find the time to work out daily, that it's just not that hard to let the chicken defrost when we get home from work. Each year, we are wrong. But this year, what if we kept it simple? What if instead of the lofty goals to achieve martyr status and change our whole lives, we just did one thing? What if we made 2016 the Year of the Socks? 

Your clothes have the power to set your confidence for the day, from your head to your toes. We all know that we feel that much stronger and more powerful when we walk into a meeting feeling good about the way we look. That doesn't always mean dressing up, it just means dressing right. Your socks are no exception. For many people who do have to dress a certain way at work, socks are the one freedom we have to express our personality and show our style. But style isn't everything. We spend 10, 12, sometimes 14 hours a day standing, sitting and walking, and constantly stinking up our feet. There's nothing more confidence-killing than stinky feet. Unfettered Socks let you do both - express your style while keeping your feet comfortable and odor-free as you power through your day. Cotton doesn't cut it when you're running a mile a minute to get the job done. 

Powerful people need powerful socks. It's just that simple. And that's what makes the resolution so simple - we put on socks every single day. Now what if all we had to do was put on the right socks every day? The smallest change can have a big impact. Start small, start at the bottom (of your legs!) and make 2016 the Year of the Socks.

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