Five Rules for Wearing Your Socks this Fall

September 21, 2015


Men are, on average, ruthless when it comes to the neglect of their socks. If you’re like most guys, you fall either into the category of believing that anyone who pays close enough attention to your feet to see your socks is someone with whom you’d never want to associate with anyway, or you just plain don’t care. Consider this your call to come out of the Dark Ages of fashion and join the rest of us in this bright, beautiful, caring-about-what-socks-we-wear new world. From business to performance socks to business-performance socks, some structure in how you wear your foot coverings is long past due.

You may very well already have a well-stocked supply of both athletic shoes and fashionable footwear; now it’s time to supplement it with a healthy stock of socks. Yet simply having a good selection of socks to choose from isn’t enough; you also need to know how and when to wear them. With fall fast approaching, here are five rules to follow when full-time sock weather hits:

  • Keep the whites away from the office: White socks belong in your gym bag, not at work. Unless you’re planning on moonwalking your way into the boardroom, you don’t want to call extra attention to your feet. When wearing a suit or slacks, stick with a darker pair of dress socks. Unfettered Socks are the perfect fit in color and performance, and they won’t bunch up as you walk.
  • Socks should match the pants, not the shoes: Whenever you sit down, walk, or engage in any other activity that pulls your pant legs up, people looking at you should still be able to see clean lines all the way from your waist to your feet. Don’t interrupt that flow by wearing socks that don’t match your pants. The only exception to this rule is when wearing jeans.
  • Sack the socks with shorts look: From an outside view, to people seeing the socks you’re wearing, your leg is almost cut in half, making you look shorter and stockier. Yet don’t even consider breaking the cardinal rule of socks with sandals. If you are going to wear shorts, wear ankle socks that aren’t seen over your shoes.
  • Avoid rolling or bunching: The legwarmers look was never in for guys, yet that’s what it looks like you’re wearing when you’ve bunched your socks. All rolling or bunching your socks does is make your ankles look bigger.
  • Don’t be holier than thou: Replace socks with holes in them. Need we say more?

Now that you know better, it’s time that you started making a statement with your socks. Remember that while your boots may have been made for walking, your socks were made for talking. What are yours going to say to the world?

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