6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

June 06, 2017


Having a full-time job means having a very busy, on-the-go lifestyle. After making time for family, friends, and leisurely activities there isn't always time for eating right and making sure you get enough exercise.

According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 55 percent of U.S. workers consider themselves to be overweight, and of those people, 44 percent say they've gained weight while at their current job.

Fear not -- we’ve come up with crafty ways to hold yourself accountable while squeezing in healthy meals and even a little physical activity throughout your work day! Here are our 6 ways to stay healthy at work: 

1. Start your day off on the “right” foot:

Get to work a few minutes early so you can choose a parking spot that’s farther away and if you work several floors up, take the stairs instead of the elevator to get your blood pumping before you even hit the floor.

2. Reach for healthy snacks:

Skip the vending machine chips and junk food options. Trust us, your body will thank you.  Instead, reach for nuts, granola bars, fresh fruit. Pack some healthy snacks like these the night before to ensure that you have easy and tasty options on hand.




3. Bring a lunch!

Having control over what you put into your body is the first step to a healthier you. Eating out typically means eating poorly, with menu options that include deep fried foods, heavy sauces or dressings, and portions too large to finish you really don’t stand a chance. Pack a lunch that includes a hearty sandwich and veggies, salads, and lean pastas dishes. However, make sure it’s a filling lunch so that you aren’t tempted to hit up those break room cupcakes an hour later.

4. Trade your desk chair for an exercise ball:

Work on improving your posture while consistently engaging your core by using an exercise ball instead of your standard desk chair. This concept is known to increase your overall balance and stability while working your abdominal muscles, which, by strengthening your abs will inevitably protect your lower back.

5. Take a walk on your lunch break:

Not only will walking during your lunch break help to reduce your workday stress, it’s also been proven to increase your workday productivity. Get out and get moving to keep active throughout your day - but also take note as to how this helps to clear your mind and change your environment, which is likely to revive you and give you that much needed second wind to make it through the last half of your day.

6. Limit after work drinks:

Nothing says camaraderie like meeting up with your co-workers for that much needed after hours pint. It’s nice to unwind and socialize with the people you spend all day in close quarters with. Still, sitting all day at work, and then sitting all evening at the local pub and drinking more calories than you probably burned all day is not the best for the old waistline. Limit the number of drinks you have to one or two, rather than five or six, and better metabolize what you do consume by having a glass of water in between each beverage. Drinking water throughout helps to prevent hangovers too, which means that it won’t just be your waistline that thanks you.

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