Simple Tech Hacks for the Busy Professional

August 09, 2015


There are already plenty of obstacles inherent with the office environment that take away from employee productivity. Too often, executive and management teams feel as though sweeping changes to company policy are what’s needed in order to mitigate them. Typically, however, such updates aren’t well received, as employees tend to see them as a message that they’re not working hard enough. However, there are plenty of simple tech hacks that you can introduce to your office that can drastically increase employee productivity. Here are just a handful of simple tech tricks that, if applied correctly, can drastically alter one’s work life balance:

  • Charging a phone with a 9-volt battery: Do you have an employee that’s constantly interrupting the work day to take personal calls? Often, his or her excuse will be that keeping their cell phone on hand isn’t feasible because leaving it on while at work drains the battery. Well, simply show them that with a 9-volt battery, a key, and his or her car charger, they can keep their phone charged from their desk. That allows him or her to step out of the office when taking a personal call. You can also recommend that he or she switches his or her phone to airplane mode while in the office. If the phone isn’t getting a strong signal, it will automatically hibernate, conserving the battery life.


  • Managing online workflow: Online research can get extremely frustrating, particularly if one has to jump back and forth from multiple tabs. When working with a number of different tabs open, you can conserve screen space by “pinning” tabs. This changes them from the standard ribbon to smaller tab, allowing you to manage your open tabs easier. Plus, if you happen to close a tab inadvertently, simply pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+T to recall that tab. If you happen to work off of iOS, there’s a research tip you can also utilize. Highlight the text you’re reading, press COMMAND+CONTROL+D and a pop-up menu will appear offering info on that phrase.

    • Easy ice pack: Do the aches and pains that come from sitting at a desk drive more than one employee in your office home early. Every busy professional knows it’s often difficult to take time away to get up and stretch. Simply wet a sponge, place it in a plastic sandwich bag, and freeze it. Then, whoever needs it can simply pull it out of the break room freezer for a few minutes of cool relief.

    It’s typically those who are able to think outside of the box that are the ones most likely to affect positive change. So next time you’re needing to talk with an employee about improving his or her productivity, consider approaching him or her with these more casual, ground level tips as opposed to a rigid set of so-called best practices. Not only will he or she be impressed by your tech savvy, but you’ll come across as truly having his or her back.


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