5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work

June 27, 2017


Staying focused at the office all day isn't easy. But getting your work done is critical. Don’t fall victim to these easily avoidable ways to hinder your work performance. Check out these tips on how you can maintain focus and stay at the top of your game. Here are our 5 ways to boost productivity at work: 

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast:

It’s just like your mother always said: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is just as true for adults. Starting your day off with filling foods like oatmeal and fruit will help you to stay fuller, longer. It boosts your metabolism and energy levels and works as that much needed fuel your body requires for the daily tasks ahead.

2. Don’t Drink too Much Caffeine:
A morning cup of coffee might be a requirement of yours to wake up your brain and get yourself moving, and nobody understands that more than we do - still, you may want to consider limiting your intake to just that one cup of joe with breakfast and here’s why: caffeine dehydrates you and causes your energy level and brain function to crash. Try instead eating small snacks throughout the day, like trail mix and fruit, and shoot for chugging down 3 liters of water per day. This will keep you hydrated and energized.




3. Avoid the Sugar CrashSugary beverages like soda and sports drinks, as well as high calorie treats like candy bars, chips, and whoever it was that brought in donuts this morning, are all to blame for hindering your work performance. Feeling too full and too bloated, getting a sugar buzz and then crashing hard, are all things that contribute to lack of focus and overall productivity.  Avoid headaches and low energy by eating protein fueled snacks and resisting sugary drinks and foods.

4. Dress in Comfortable Clothing:

This may be harder for some than for others depending on your workplace dress code, especially if things like pantyhose are part of the equation, but it’s important to make sure your clothing and your shoes aren’t working against you. Clothing that is too restrictive or tight around your waistline can be a distraction in productivity and hinder both your posture and digestion. Wear clothes that look professional without being suffocating and shoes that are comfortable and don’t pinch your feet (we're partial to performance dress socks, obviously!).

5. Get Up and Move: If you have the option to stand throughout the day at your workstation, take it. The same goes for taking short walks to fill your water bottle, or get a snack from the break room. Even a minimal amount of standing or pacing will get your blood pumping and help with overall circulation, not to mention breaking up the monotony in your day from staying planted in front of your computer screen - all of this will allow you to boost productivity throughout your day.

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