5 Ways Socks Can Save Your Life: A Survival Guide

February 19, 2017


Though it’s unlikely that you might bring a pair of high-end performance business socks, like those at Unfettered Socks, along with you on an outdoor hiking trek or a camp-out adventure, it’s still fun to think about all the unconventional yet totally practical uses for socks.

So, the next time you go rogue and you find yourself in an unexpected situation, stop and think, what else can my socks do for me? Here are 5 ways that socks (seriously, socks!) can save your life:

1. Socks can be used as a water filter: If you find yourself in need of clean drinking water, you can use a sock to filter out any unwanted debris - aside from aiding in the purification process, socks are also useful to melt snow for drinking water as well.

2. Socks can be used as an improvised bandage: In situations where you need to stop a wound from bleeding, the elastic portion of your sock can be used as a makeshift ace bandage - especially if you also happen to have a roll of duct tape around or something similar to help secure the sock around the wounded area. In situations where you have nothing to secure the sock to your person, simply tying a firm knot above the wounded area can help to significantly decrease the flow of blood.

3. Socks can be used as a dust mask: In temporary situations, like those in which you’re already headed toward safety, socks can help protect you from inhaling dust by holding it over your mouth and nose in the case that you’re hit by a dust storm.

4. Socks can be used as a self-defense weapon: In a situation where an animal or predator may be moving in on your camp (or the like) filling a sock with rocks and hurling it at your target can make for an efficient self-defense weapon when you have no other options.

5. Socks can be used as a towel, pillow, or “rope”: These ones are all pretty self explanatory. If you bathe in the lake and find yourself without a towel - use a sock! If you find that the ground is entirely too firm for your delicate head - gather some dry leaves and straw into a sock and BAM, instant pillow. Having a rough time carrying that large bundle of sticks back to camp? Use a sock to tie them together and make a bundle!

Ok, we admit that some of these are a little far-fetched. Practical in desperate situations, but still a little unrealistic. These five methods may not save your life, but they are certainly useful life hacks. What are some cool life hacks that you’ve discovered using socks? Please share them in the comments section below…we’d love to hear from you!

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