5 Brands Taking Athleisure to the Next Level

June 19, 2018


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If you had told someone twenty years ago that there would come a day when exercise clothes would be as mainstream as jeans, they would have looked at you like you were nuts. Today though, women wear fitness attire to the grocery store and men can head straight from the office to the gym without changing a single article of clothing.

Maybe this isn’t common practice in every city, but for many of us in major metropolitan areas throughout the US, this sporty style has exploded. With workplace norms continuing to shift, it’s easier than ever for outfits to truly blur the line between form and function.

Here are a handful of brands that make it easy to look stylish whether you’re headed into a meeting or squeezing in a workout.



Lululemon has pretty amazing everyday clothes for men and women, but they are traditionally known as an athletic apparel retailer. In fact, they’re infamous for the founder’s comments about their yoga pants only being made for women of certain sizes.

But anyway… Lululemon has some surprisingly functional clothing that can take you from workout to work without anyone batting an eye. Avoid neon colors and instead opt for their black and khaki colored pants to blend right in at work. For the ladies, you can find sweaters and outer layers that look downright corporate.

Lululemon paved the way for the athleisure trend by making workout clothes so comfortable you never want to take them off.


Mizzen & Main

The company behind “performance fabric menswear”, they've really perfected the niche of business attire you can sweat in. Their shirts, for example, look like traditional workplace button downs, but rather than being made out of cotton or other traditional fabrics, they opt for stretchier, lighter weight fabrics you typically find in gym clothes.


Beta Brand

This company started as a kickstarter, but was so popular, they have since grown into one of athleisure’s most popular brands. Climbers rave about the beta pants. They’re solid, offer full coverage, and are incredibly stretchy and comfortable. Of course, they also look professional enough to wear them in 90% of workplaces. Their other clothing looks cool too, but everyone raves about the pants.



These shoes are incredibly comfortable and just trendy enough that you can get away with wearing them to work. If you’ve ever been in a coworking space or young tech startup, take a look at everyone’s footwear. Odds are, more than half the office will be walking around in these “lighter than air” shoes. 


Unfettered Socks

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention our spiffy socks! Sure, these funky foot coverings look like the typical business sock, but they are just as functional in the gym as well. So, if you ever have to race to a workout straight from the office, you don’t have to throw an extra pair in your gym bag. How convenient is that??

Of course, we have the west coast to thank for more casual fashions coming into our east coast workplaces. Between the Silicon Valley coders and tech titans, it has become commonplace to ditch the stuffy suit in favor of turtlenecks, v-neck shirts, and casual work shoes.

If you’re in a shopping mood, stock up on these essential athleisure pieces today!

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