5 Awesome Apps to Promote Organization and Productivity at Work

July 26, 2017


We have no doubt that you’re highly productive and very organized in the workplace, but just in case you needed a little boost in one direction or another, we thought we’d share some of our favorite apps that help with staying on track and getting stuff done! Here are 5 awesome apps to promote organization and productivity at work:

1. Focus Keeper

focus keeper app work

What it is: The Focus Keeper is a productivity app that helps you to stay focused and tune out external distractions during your workday - things like like chat pings and text messages, while still allowing for timed and scheduled breaks in your workflow.

Why we love it: This app in particular is free, which is always a plus, and it’s super easy to use. Basically, after every 25 minute interval you get a short break, with which you’re free to text or reply to messages, and after 4 intervals of short breaks you get a long break. This app is particularly useful for freelance workers and remote employees who have a greater chance of becoming distracted during work hours. If being disciplined and staying focused is an issue for you - definitely give this app a go.

2. Google Docs

What it is: Google’s version of Microsoft Word, except that you can share it with anyone that has a gmail account, and that person can be given access to not only view the document but to edit it as well! So much more effective than emailing a Word Doc back and forth.

Why we love it: We use Google Docs and Google Sheets pretty much everyday. It can be used to share content with colleagues, to keep a running list of article and blog ideas, and to share tasks and content with web developers and future clients. Basically anything you need to do for work can be done through Google Docs and Google Sheets, and the app is great for making edits and viewing documents on the go.

3. Wunderlist

What it is: There are plenty of shared organizational tools out there: Evernote, Asana, etc., but for daily tasks and household needs, we like Wunderlist. While you could very well make post-it note to-do lists, Wunderlist allows you to share tasks with anyone you want.

Why we love it: Whether it’s a colleague about an upcoming project, fundraising ideas for your favorite charity or your kids school, or even to just use as a digital grocery list, this app is amazing when it comes to collaboration. Simple design and an easy user experience allows you to get in and get out without distractions. We’re also big fans of being able to tick off the boxes after completing an item. It makes the most satisfying “ding” noise - ah yes, the sound of productivity.

4. Slack

What it is: Slack is an app that you can use to create group chats with team members that you’re collaborating with. You can specify one-on-one chats, or address everyone in the company. You pick who you want to talk to and can keep track of project updates in an easy and concise way.

Why we love it: Because it’s such a great way to chat directly about tasks and projects at hand with only those team members involved without the hassle of having to send email chains back and forth. We think this app is the bee’s knees. The app is also convenient for updates and questions that might pop up after work hours; keep it on your phone for access on the go.

5. Asana

What it is: Asana is a great task keeper, assigner, and internal chat app - it works best for assigning to-dos or tasks within specific projects to team members, you can assign due dates for those tasks, and leave comments or feedback on said tasks.

Why we love it: For all the reasons listed above, we love this app to help us communicate, collaborate, and comment on the daily to-dos with our team as well as productively and efficiently tackle those bigger tasks that require more teamwork and effort.

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