3 Reasons Not to Skimp on Socks

November 19, 2016


Remember how your mom used to always harp on you for trying to leave the house with your foot crammed into a sockless tennis shoe? Or how the the times you actually
would wear socks, you’d often play outside in them, run around with the neighbor kids in your ankle length Hanes and then you’d get in trouble for ruining your good socks?

Well, guess what folks? Sometimes Moms know things.

There are many valid reasons that you should not only always wear socks with your shoes, but why you should wear good socks, like the ones we have at Unfettered. And regardless of what you may be thinking - these fun sock facts are far from being an old wives tale. Here are our top 3 reasons not to skimp on socks:

  1. Disease prevention: This one is the biggie - we’re talking Athlete’s Foot, chronic Callus, and major foot Fungus. Not only are these uncomfortable and embarrassing issues to have to deal with, but they can cause some serious long term damage. Unfettered Socks help to prevent the risk of these foot diseases through the power of their breathability, sweat absorption, and high end quality.
  2. Cracked and Chafed Skin: If you’re wearing cheap socks that have worn so thin that you might as well be going sockless, there’s a really good chance your feet will start to chafe, crack, and become extremely dry. During the length of your work day your foot is constantly rubbing against your footwear, which is why wearing socks with long term durability is so important. Small price to pay to keep your feet from the extreme discomfort of dryness and cracking.
  3. Body Temperature Control: How can you expect to stay productive at work if you’re body temperature drops and you’re cold all day? Wearing good, performance socks are essential in keeping your feet warm, which in turn, heats your entire body and maintains optimal body temperatures throughout the day. Think about it, if your hands, feet, and ears are you body’s primary outlet for heat, as soon as your hands or feet become cold the core of your body is forced to overcompensate and work harder to heat your limbs. Why not just prevent this whole process all together by wearing socks that work for you, rather than having your body make up for your lame socks?

Do yourself (and your feet) a huge favor and shop Unfettered Socks. Do it for the health of your feet. Easy peasy, right? You’re welcome.

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