3 Ways to Stay Active at Work (and Why it's Important)

May 24, 2015


The average office worker spends the preponderance of his or her day seated, hunched over a computer, getting very little activity, other than the occasional jaunt to the bathroom or coffee maker. On top of that, the increasing demand for long office hours totally saps many people’s motivation to exercise when they get home. They plop down on the couch, order some food, and watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars.

In other countries, notably Japan, office workers spend a few minutes doing calisthenics each day to break up the monotony of 12-hour cubicle marathons. It’s important to note that sitting at a computer or device for long periods of time not only leads to slowed metabolism, fatigue, and loss of cervical lordosis--or more colloquially, text neck--but it could literally be killing you slowly. Here are a few ways to keep yourself active at the workplace to reduce these negative effects:

  1. Circle it up: Doing arm circles, hip circles, or neck circles, all of which can break up tension, increase blood flow, and provide you with an energy boost in addition to keeping your metabolism up, are inconspicuous but highly valuable additions to your office routine. 
  2. Get on Up: Every opportunity away from your desk is a chance to incorporate fitness routines. Instead of constantly sitting, get up and do 20-30 calf raises a few times a day. When you head to the bathroom, try doing 15-20 body weight squats. Doing a few dozen leg raises every hour while keeping your core tight is a great way to compensate for prolonged sitting.
  3. Walk on Up: Set an alarm on your phone to take a five minute stroll every two hours to shatter monotony and get your glutes working. Sitting too long on your tucchus can cause numbness, nerve damage, loss of functionality and joint dysfunction. If you’ve got multiple printers in your office, print documents to the one furthest away and walk to it. Keep note of how much walking you do in a day and aim for at least 30 minutes. And always try to take the stairs instead of the elevator.



Some offices also allow you to switch out your chair for a stability ball, which will help tone your core all day. Chances are you won’t be alone in your quest, so talk to your coworkers to motivate each other. And of course, you’ll need the right gear, so don’t forget to pick up a few pairs of Unfettered Socks to keep your feet dry and odor-free during your daily exercises!



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