Three Must-Have Items to Perfect the Work to Gym Transition

May 03, 2015


This weekend was the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight. The night before, the pair of pugilists met each other for a press event, and then a weigh in. They wore sleek suits for the press event and nothing but trunks for the weigh in (imagine if they boxed each other in Armani suits!). Their transition calls attention to the importance of clothes that have the versatility to stand up to work and workouts, to avoid metaphorically boxing in Burberry.

It can be a real nuisance to carry around an extra set of gym clothes with you at work. Gym bags can be bulky and often times there’s nowhere to properly store your gear. And what do you do with your work clothes when it’s time to hit the gym? The inside of a gym bag can smell...unpleasant. For the modern professional and fitness enthusiast, clothes that can do double duty are essential. Check out these three pieces of all purpose swag to help you look suave at work and make the most of your gym time.

  1. Performance Pants: Made of durable, wicking material and styled to be at home in the office or on the town, performance pants will keep you cool and dry during an afternoon workout or on your way home after a long day at the office. Under Armor, Betabrand, and Lululemon all have great selections. Although they look like they require a belt, the waistband usually stretches to accommodate your preference.
  2. Unbeatable Unmentionables: Climate control boxer briefs are probably the greatest addition to undergarments since someone originally figured out how to combine boxers and briefs. Adidas and Superdry both make an awesome pair. They’re breathable, supportive, and don’t ride up, so no need to worry about chafing or wedgies. The fact that they feel like you’re wearing a liquid silk dream is just an added bonus that will keep you feeling 100% all day at work. Look for pairs treated with Aegis Microbe Shield for protection against 
  3. Freeing Footwear: Stock up on Unfettered Socks to both amp up your #SockGame and ease your work to workout transition. We’re biased, but we promise they transition seamlessly from professional work attire to perfect gym socks, utilizing our wicking material construction, reinforced toe and heel pads, and stay-up sock collars that can keep up with your best flat-out run. Get yours here before the stench reminds your coworkers you’re a month late on your expense reports. 

These three must-have items are sure to perfect your work to gym transition. Armed with these, you’re bound to lighten your load in between leaving the office and arriving at the gym.


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