10 Ways to Use Mismatched Socks

July 12, 2017


We’ve all lost a sock or two to the infamous dryer monster, but the real question is - what on earth do you do with all those mismatched old socks? Do you go rogue and just wear the mismatched socks? Do you throw them out? Make sock puppets out of them?

Well, wonder no more, friends - we’ve come up with a crafty list of mismatched sock uses, so now you have more than enough reasons to hang on to those stragglers. Here our are 10 ways to use mismatched socks:

1. Store your Shoes: Next time you go on a trip and want to avoid your dirty shoes from getting your clothes all grody, slip an old mismatched sock over your shoes and voila, you’ve got yourself a shoe keeper.

2. Defog your Car Windows: This is a cool life hack that will change your life. Kitty litter filled to ankle of a sock, secured with a tied knot, and placed near your windshield will actually prevent your windows from fogging up by absorbing the moisture around it!

3. Make Knee Pads: Make them for yourself to protect your knees while cleaning or gardening, or make a nifty pair for your crawling baby.

4. Soap Pouch: Slip a bar of soap into a clean sock to help remove grit and grime after working on your car or digging in the garden. The sock’s fabric will work like a washcloth, it’ll also lather better and last longer inside a sock.

5. Protect Your Golf Clubs: Prevent scratches and dings in transit by covering the heads of your golf clubs with old socks.

6. Potpourri Sack DIY Style: Freshen up your closet, gym bag, or dresser drawers with a clean smelling potpourri sack. Pick up a bag of your favorite scent and use it to fill a clean sock, tie up the end with a ribbon or rubber band, and you’re on your way to sweeter smelling spaces.

7. Glasses Holder: Use a clean sock to store your sunglasses or eye/reading glasses. It’ll help protect them from getting scratched, dusty, or misplaced. You can even use the sock to clean off the lenses when needed.

8. Dry Erase Board Cleaner: Save the trees by cutting back on using paper towels to clean off your whiteboard or chalk boards. Instead, utilize your old mismatched socks; they work great for removing marker and chalk.

9. Extra Warm Mittens: In colder temperatures keep your hands extra warm by covering them first with a sock and them placing them into a knit pair of mittens for double the warmth.

10. Ice-Proof Windshield Wipers: For perfectly preserved windshield wipers in icy weather, keep them covered with a tube sock so they stay ice-free. Then, just remove the sock when you’re ready for a drive.

And the list doesn’t stop at number 10 - there are plenty more creative uses for your old mismatched socks! In fact, at least a hundred of them! Try wrapping your wine bottles, using them for pot holders, making a hacky sack, a pin cushion, elbow patches, to polish and buff your shoes, and so much more! 

Have you got a few fun ideas that we haven’t listed here? Let us know in the comments - we’d love to hear from you!

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