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It's not easy to keep up with ever-changing trends...but we've got you covered from waist to toe! Here is a go-to guide for all things in men's fashion accessories, shoes, and performance dress socks. Read More
We have no doubt that you’re highly productive and very organized in the workplace, but just in case you needed a little boost in one direction or another, we thought we’d share some of our favorite apps that help with staying on track and getting stuff done! Here are 5 awesome apps to promote organization and productivity at work. Read More

We’ve all lost a sock or two to the infamous dryer monster, but the real question is - what on earth do you do with all those mismatched old socks? Do you go rogue and just wear the mismatched socks? Do you throw them out? Make sock puppets out of them?

Well, wonder no more, friends - we’ve come up with a crafty list of mismatched sock uses, so now you have more than enough reasons to hang on to those stragglers. Here our are 10 ways to use mismatched socks.

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Staying focused at the office all day isn't easy. But getting your work done is critical. Don’t fall victim to these easily avoidable ways to hinder your work performance. Check out these tips on how you can maintain focus and stay at the top of your game. Here are our 5 ways to boost productivity at work.
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Having a full-time job means having a very busy, on-the-go lifestyle. After making time for family, friends, and leisurely activities there isn't always time for eating right and making sure you get enough exercise.

According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 55 percent of U.S. workers consider themselves to be overweight, and of those people, 44 percent say they've gained weight while at their current job.

Fear not, we’ve come up with crafty ways to hold yourself accountable while squeezing in healthy meals and even a little physical activity throughout your work day! Here are our 6 ways to stay healthy at work.

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There’s been a whole lot of hype around the newly sought after standing desk - and this got us thinking that maybe we should delve a little deeper and see just how much better it really is to stand vs. sit at work all day.  And so we did! Here’s what we found out when looking into the truth about the standing desk.

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When it comes to traditional styles of men’s business attire, the looks of yesteryear have come a long way. Today more than ever the trends of the modern man has seeped into men’s business wear. From the old school and more corporate full-suit-and-tie look to the slim cut, fitted trousers with blazers, sweater vests, button downs, and skinny jeans have not only been introduced - but has since completely taken over. Read More

Though it’s unlikely that you might bring a pair of high-end performance business socks, like those at Unfettered Socks, along with you on an outdoor hiking trek or a camp-out adventure, it’s still fun to think about all the unconventional yet totally practical uses for socks. So, the next time you go rogue and you find yourself in an unexpected situation, stop and think, what else can my socks do for me? Here are 5 ways that socks (seriously, socks!) can save your life.

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Did you know that in the 18th century, socks crafted from matted up animal hair were worn by the Greeks? How fashion forward of them! During the 10th century, socks were considered a luxury item because of how difficult they were to make and were reserved for only the rich. Thank goodness those days are over! Read More

You may not realize this, but in the same way that experts can analyze your handwriting and get a sense of who you are as a human, your sock style can say a lot about your personality. So, let’s assume that you’ve already joined the business sock revolution and ditched those thin, uncomfortable socks that you used to wear before you discovered Unfettered Socks. Which of these styles are your preference and what does that say about you?

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